AIFO Inc. is a business management consulting agency, with a modern, think-outside-the-box brand fueling the obsession for expression with curated business planning, strategic analysis, and growth system design.

AIFO leverage machine learning technology to enhance marketing funnel building and optimization for business development. Employing the comprehensive analytical approach, we deliver solutions in identifying the profitable market, building scalable advertising systems, customize the marketing and sales process, nurture interested visitors into paying customers and drive customer retention and loyalty.

AIFO provides data-driven decision making for all business stages. We train and validate reliable machine learning models to understand and interpret business metrics, develop predictive analysis to reveal foresight on market trends and product fit, optimize productivity, customer engagement, profitability, and competitiveness.

Based on the scientific research of business operation efforts, we help suggest channel position, user preference, design and deliver appealing content to achieve and exceed business growth goals.

AIFO is committed to foster data technology innovation start-ups, evangelize data analytics education and social influence.