Our Story

AIFO facilitates projects, workshops and mentoring sessions to promote the application of advanced data technology in all business domains.

Formerly known as Hill Country Data Assist, the nonprofit organization facilitates data technology enthusiasts and software architects, providing technical and business operation assistance for the commerce community. AIFO is committed to providing economic solutions for small businesses to use modern digital marketing approaches. Eventually, our objective is to maintain the diversity and prosperity of various small businesses and conserve all sorts of unique dining/shopping/hotel options for the consumers.

If you are passionate about entrepreneurship, product development, digital marketing, data science, or just interested in learning more, reach out! 

Our Mission

Support small and medium businesses to improve digital marketing competitiveness in the fast big data era; Facilitate small businesses to explore promising growth strategies

Evangelize data science applications to identify various business questions’ root cause, translate business objectives into data mining opportunities, and deliver strategic insights to support business decision making

Provide business owners with the opportunity to comprehend the modern business operations

Our Value

We value agility, individuals and interactions, customer collaboration, and the best growth opportunity for all businesses.