Digital Marketing

Business Planning


We are specialized in researching E-commerce consumers’ behaviors and implementing scalable marketing campaigns to drive customer advocacy.

We help E-commerce business owners establish well-structured online stores to optimize the product categorization and site navigation, implement testings and experiments to identify content deficiency and improve conversion rate, and engage with consumers using an iterative approach to increase consumers acquisition and retention.

We execute business growth solutions that bring efficiency and profitability to E-commerce operations. Based on the online store performances, we customize marketing and CRM products and features, design and perform multi-channel marketing endeavors to turn web traffic into loyal customers, optimize audience nurturing funnels to improve customer experiences, achieve brand recognition, scale the operation, and achieve heroic sales objectives.

We establish Enterprise Resource Management Systems to increase fulfillment efficiency and accuracy, create pick, pack, and quality control workflows that reduced fulfillment warehouse labor costs, utilize inventory management software and SaaS integrations to centralize order management system fed from all platforms, set up call centers and ticket systems for customers to consolidate communication channels, as well as establish measurable customer service performance and KPI’s.

Digital Marketing 

We build and enhance brand online authority, emphasize the unique selling point, establish quality links, and nurture potential customers’ interest.

We monitor and analyze website metrics and KPIs, deliver strategic insights into all marketing endeavors across various acquisition channels, and pro-actively spot any issues to improve customer experience.

With sufficient customer behavior data, we will be able to extract data patterns and feature correlations and deliver product profit prediction, customer sentiment analysis, demographic needs, and preferences, product-market fit, personalized advertising content and retention strategy.

For both new or established businesses, the online presence is critical for success. If the business online presence is set up in the right way, it will allow business owners to focus on growth, instead of fixing errors.

Business Planning

We research with various small and medium businesses to formulate clear and concise business plans, help convince investors or lenders to finance the new business, persuade partners or key employees to join the company, and serves as a roadmap guiding the launch and growth of the new business.

Every step of starting a new business will be carefully thought through to prepare for future success. It is an opportunity to discover any weaknesses in the business idea, identify opportunities that may not have considered, and plan to deal with challenges that are likely to arise.

Always refine your business plan before presenting it to a new investor, lender and commercial property manager. Make sure your business plan only contains realistic projections and expect your assumptions to be supported with facts.

We provide step-by-step guidance for writing a business plan:

Executive Summary
This is the most important part of a business plan. Often, it’s the only part that a prospective investor or lender reads before deciding whether or not to read the rest of the plan. It should convey your enthusiasm for your business idea and get readers excited about it. After reading the Executive Summary, readers should have a basic understanding of your business, should be excited about its potential, and should be interested enough to read further.

Company Description 
Mission Statement, Philosophy and Vision, Goals/Milestones, Target Market, Industry/Competitions, Legal Structure/Ownership

Products and Services
Business Name, Product/Service Description, Special Benefits, Unique Features, Limits and Liabilities, Production and Delivery, Suppliers, Intellectual Property Special Permits

Marketing and Sales Plan
Market Research, Barriers to Entry, Threats and Opportunities, Product/Service Features and Benefits, Target Customer, Key Competitors, Positioning/Niche, Marketing Approach, Promotional Budget, Pricing Strategy, Proposed Location, Distribution Channels, Sales Forecast

Operational Plan
Production, Quality Control, Location, Legal Environment, Personnel, Inventory, Suppliers, Credit Policies

Management & Organization
Biographies, Gaps, Advisors, Organization Chart

Startup Expenses & Capitalization
Start-Up Expenses, Opening Day Balance Sheet, Personal Financial Statement

Financial Plan

12-month/3-year Profit & Loss Projection, Cash Flow Projection, Projected Balance Sheet, Break-even Calculation, Use of Capital